CBD Oil & Mint 7,5% 10ml

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CBD Oil 7,5% 10ML – 100% Organic!

Organically grown CBD oil, carefully chosen, with a high CBD content of herbs grown on certified farms. Mint flavor infused from organic mint leaves.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains CBD, CBDA,CBD,CBG and other active cannabinoids, terpens, flavonoids, vitamins and healthy fatty acids. The synergistic proces of Cannabis Sativa compounds increases the healing proprieties. The CBD oil is infused in a high pressure reactor at controlled temperature. The CBD oil is obteined through natural extraction process that doesn’t require distillation with alcohol, CO2 fractioning or other chemicals.

This product not contains synthetic aroma or chemical conservation.



Administration and Contraindications: There are strong nausea if alcoholic beverages are consumed. Relatively intense headaches that disappear with the elimination of alcohol in the body. Avoid alcohol consumption altogether while using CBD oil.

Administration during pregnancy or spawning is done strictly under the doctor’s advice.

Administration to children is only at the advice of the physician. Keep in mind that the product is oily and will cause a soft stool in general. A high dose related to the baby’s mass can lead to diarrhea. It is desirable to give children the oil in small doses divided throughout the day.

For superior efficacy it is desirable to quit smoking during treatment. Both nicotine and cannabinoids use similar receptors.

Compatibility with other natural products:

Do not use synthetic cannabinoid-containing products in parallel with CBD oil. Do not mix natural products in combination with CBD oil. A careful food analysis is required during the use of CBD oil.



Because of the low THC content, clinically tested epileptic efficacy is moderate. The product for both children and adults has a relaxed and reduced epileptic seizure effect. No patient recovery is achieved. The treatment is generally lasting (6-8 months) and the effects appear gradually. The advantage of the product is that antiepileptics (eg Rivotril or others) can be gradually reduced, under the supervision of a specialist. After a period of 6 months of use of CBD oil, patient stabilization is achieved by reducing the number and intensity of seizures.


The product acts on the immune system. More precious on the endocannabinoid system. In case of oncological diseases the product does not differentiate between malignant or benign cells. Action on the immune system is slow, though. Tumor markers are brought to normal in 5-6 months of treatment and blood tests return to normal after 3-4 months of use of the product. The product has a slightly analgesic effect, and helps to relieve painkillers (eg rivotril). The analgesic effect allows the patient to feel the pain but the intensity of the pain is low.

The product generally increases appetite and is at the same time a good antidepressant.

The product is antiemetic, reduces dizziness and nausea during chemotherapy.

The product can and is recommended to consume during chemotherapy.